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“Liz you have helped me to open up a part of myself that I had, out of fear, shut off.  Therapy has allowed me to reconnect with my inner child, reconnect with my strength and most importantly reconnect with LOVE.  I now know whatever happens I will be OK and I just wanted to say Thank You for helping me and guiding me to my true self.”

“EMDR has seriously changed my life.  Going from a person who lived with daily panic anxiety, intrusive thoughts, fear, low self worth, I am now living my life as it was always intended.  The old feelings and thoughts which hampered my life no longer feature in my world, and I cant thank Liz enough for her care, validation, wisdom and professionalism throughout.  I would highly recommend Liz and the EMDR approach, completely life changing.”

“Im not sure you know what your teaching does for so many so I needed to let you know that I have found this counselling journey hard in regards to the academic side, but kept going because of the start that I had from you in concepts and skills classes.
I am now qualified and I owe a big thank you to you so “Thank you”.

“Liz helped me to see that the obstacles in my life were the ones I put there myself.  I am so much more confident with who I am now.  Thank you.”

“Liz is a true professional.  The therapy process has positively impacted on me personally as well as on my work situation.  I now have my future career in place.”

“The personal development group has been a huge blessing.”

“I’ve felt privileged to be on this course and to have been a part of every one else’s journey.”

“I’m reflecting, learning watching, observing and taking what comes.”

“Therapy has been very valuable to me.”

“I realise that a lot of what I am today is because of what I’ve endured in the past.  Through CBT I have learned to put the past away and deal with my life and my issues as and when they come up.  I’ve learned a big lesson too – it’s ok to fail at things.”

“Before I came to see Liz and spent time getting to know myself, I didn’t like myself very much I used to adapt to what others wanted.  I now recognise the need for my personal boundaries.  I’ve thrown away the bits I don’t like – the past has gone.  I can accept me and I even quite like myself.”

“Elizabeth has helped me so much in the past 6 months I’ve learned massively about me. I’m more assertive in work and I now learn from negative situations.  I used to try and juggle too much, I now feel happy and content with myself.”

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help and understanding.”

“Elizabeth, I want to thank you for all your help and understanding and for encouraging me to be honest with myself.  I’ve turned a corner.  Thank you for all the practical skills you taught me.”

“Liz, thank you for all your help and guidance.  I appreciate your style of teaching and you
have been a great support.”

“Thanks Liz for all your help and support, I wouldn’t have made it without you.”

“Liz is a warm, insightful and understanding person, whose qualities proved invaluable during my training.  Her ‘of the people’ approach kept learning goals challenging, yet realistic and achievable.  Thankyou Liz!”
“Before I met Liz I was losing faith, not only in the process of therapy but more importantly in myself. She was so professional, caring and understanding that she restored that faith that I could one day be well again and get my life back on track.