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Counselling Cheshire


The difficulties some people have in freely expressing feelings and the intensity of these feelings is understandable. My aim is never to bound or halt anyone by expressing my contradictory feelings. Its important that we’re all equally free to express and explore our feelings without worrying about where these expressions and explorations may lead us.
When the therapist understands that what the client needs is to be shown conditions of empathy congruence and unconditional regard, then a quality therapeutic relationship is demonstrated to the client moment by moment. These moments are important for the therapist and the client, these moments are between the therapist and the client.

I am often aware that when I’m offering the counselling conditions, I cant be sure where the therapeutic relationship will lead.  I am aware that I too can be carried along by the process and the risks for me are that I can’t predict where the process will lead.  However my rewards are the continuing personal development of the client and being a part of the counselling relationship.

Clients who undertake and continue with therapy find that they are becoming themselves in spite of all the fears and dreads that worrying about consequences might bring.
Being yourself doesn’t necessarily solve problems, but being yourself opens up self permission, new ways of living and the realisation that life can hold higher, deeper and broader experiences.  Change can enable a person to be more real in their relationships with others. When a person chooses to change from being artificial to being who they really are, they are more confident in themselves.  Demonstrating your own self confidence draws out the realness of the other person, thus relationships are positively enhanced.


Counselling in Cheshire