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Self perception and Counselling


Counselling Stockport, South Manchester and surrounding Cheshire is offered for those who wish to change their perception and feel better about who they are.

If you want to work on changing your self perception I can help.  I regularly update my skills and look for newly devised techniques developed for the purpose of helping people to look at how they can make changes to the way they perceive themselves.

At the beginning of Counselling sessions a person may make self descriptive statements such as:  “I’m submissive”; “I am a people pleaser”; “I don’t have any confidence”; “I don’t understand my emotions”; “I’m usually a more relaxed person”; “I easily get wound up”; “I tend to avoid some people”; “ “I try to be nice to people”; “I am afraid of what people think of me”.

The following illustration shows a clients general self perception at the beginning of counselling:

The client was female, age 41.  She told me she had lived for many years trapped in an unhappy relationship and had hardly any self confidence to build other relationships.  Her 20 year old daughter had suffered a psychological breakdown and she felt guilty about this.  She described herself as neurotic, insecure and resentful.  The client presented for 20 sessions and a follow up session was arranged for 2 months later.

At our follow up session the client told me her own self perception was now different to the one she’d initially presented with.  She reported a more positive outlook for her future and described changes in herself in a number of ways.  She said she now felt more self confident, self reliant, understanding of herself, more comfortable in her relationships and less guilty, less insecure and less resentful.

As her counsellor, my early thoughts had been that the clients perceived self and her self concept were negative and these could be built upon through the positive subtleties involved in Counselling.  These early assumptions and the resulting changes in her were expressed and discussed at length with the client. The client reported having become more congruent with her ideal self at the end of the counselling process.