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Shyness and social anxiety Counselling

Shyness and social anxiety cause negative stress which damages a persons self esteem and causes over emphasis of current problems.

If you consistently underestimate or negate your achievements, have poor self confidence and find yourself stuck in negative stress.  You could be suffering from  shyness and social anxiety

I recommend keeping a daily self esteem diary where you can record your shyness and social anxiety and notice how you compare yourself with other people.  Its important to also pick out and record the daily positive achievements you’ve made, no matter how small, eg. I smiled at somebody, I kept my patience, I began a conversation etc.,

I would ask you to record small achievements in this diary for approximately one week.  After discussions in our next session I would then ask you to write in important achievements which have occurred in your life so far, eg. I got married, I had a child, I learned to drive etc.,

Taking part in this process can be very helpful in that it intercepts patterns of consistent underestimation of self and achievements and helps to challenge the automatic negative thoughts and negative self talk that have played a big part in your shyness and social anxiety.

As we progress through sessions I will encourage you to keep a diary/log to help you to recognise when youre avoiding taking responsibility, demonstrating doormat/submissive behaviour and are feeling victimised by others. 

Entries from this diary would also inform our work on changing how you communicate and looking at how your shyness shows itself in social situations.  In our sessions you will learn how to reduce your stress levels using assertiveness, practice giving and taking compliments, practice smiling and practice small talk.  Confidence building will enable increased personal empowerment so that making your own choices and decisions will feel alot less risky than before.

Make a decision to make positive changes in your life now.  Make a decision to increase your self esteem, choose to reduce your shyness and social anxiety.  Make a decision to alter your all or nothing thinking – choose to contact Elizabeth Welch