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CBT Innovations

CBT innovations can help and benefit you if you are experiencing stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms.  CBT therapy will enable you to create new ways of thinking as well as enabling you to recognise and change your mind’s negative and often critical vocabulary (negative self talk).

Psychological innovations are based on stress management techniques and behavioural experiments that the client can action in their daily life.  Stress related issues affect people physically and emotionally.  I work with my clients to put in place interventions to positively impact on both of these.  At the beginning of therapy I teach and encourage my clients to indulge in a daily progressive muscle relaxation including a 2 minute deep breathing relaxation exercise. Daily relaxation is part of a process that includes mindful CBT and leads to the essential brain training necessary to bring about positive change.  Motivational interviewing ie talking to and questioning the clients ‘can do psyche’, is a relevant and successful CBT technique which I incorporate to trigger, identify and choose (with the client) which behaviours the client wants to change.

Research recognises that other therapeutic factors, such as the core conditions, (empathy, congruence and unconditional postive regard), boundaries and the therapeutic relationship are very important factors for a successful therapy outcome.  It is also most important that the client has the opportunity to tell their story.  In addition to these and using the CBT model, I encourage my clients to recognise that they do have areas of inner strength and I may point these out with questions such as  eg.“How did you deal with a similar situation?” Motivational questions can prompt a person to remember that they have previously managed their life difficulties and can be the beginning of an openng up of channels of possibilities. 

Past life successes are often forgotten when a person is plagued by the tunnel vision of stress.