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Low Self Esteem

Low Self Esteem causes lack of confidence – esteem is essential for our psychological health.

Do you feel worthless unloved and fearful?

Has this condition had a significant impact on your life?

Do you worry that you’ll always have low self esteem and things will never change for you?

How you feel about you is usually how you feel about others.  If you’re feeling low and negative about you, then its likely that you will also have low self esteem and feel low and negative about others involved in your life.  Without some measure of self worth your life can be painful and many of your needs go unmet.

Everyone has the ability to decide what they want from life and the ultimate responsibility for the decisions you make lies with you.   

With perseverance and determination you can confront the parts of you that keep you in a low self esteem and negative mind set and replace them with a more positive set of beliefs about you.

The most important first step to achieving healthy change is to look for a counsellor who will assist you in looking at your issues objectively and help you to look for, appreciate and enhance the qualities and skills you already have.

Collaboratively we will look into your history for patterns relating to your unsuccessful behaviours, unsuccessful relationships and lack of personal power.  Initially, we will break our findings down into smaller chunks and set goals to focus on what you can do to make some real changes in the here and now.

In our counselling relationship we will explore your experiences, behaviours, feelings and thoughts.  I will encourage you to work on what triggers cause you to feel low and to make changes in how you compare yourself with others.  Counselling works to promote positive change, greater self understanding and personal empowerment. 

When you have greater self understanding and feel personally empowered you’ll handle your mistakes,  respond to criticism and feel better and more confident about who you are and more confident in how you interact with other people.