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Supervision & Training

Supervision & Training

Supervision: There is a general obligation for all counsellors, psychotherapists, supervisors and trainers to receive supervision/consultative support independently of any managerial relationships (BACP 2016).

I am a qualified and highly experienced supervisor of counsellors and to this end provide both qualified and trainee counsellors with the protection of quality supervision which adheres to the BACP ethical codes for supervisors to ensure safety of both supervisee/practitioner and client.

As a qualified supervisor I work in a supportive and developmental way and recognise my responsibility to protect clients from poor practice, ensuring the maintenance and enhancement of good practice by supervisee/practitioners to acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge required by their role.

My aims are to maintain confidentiality unless there are risks of harm to supervisee/practitioner or others, (I will discuss my concerns beforehand with the supervisee/practitioner and may also seek further professional advice) and to help supervisees become better counsellors/therapists. Issues of a personal nature arising in supervision should be taken to personal therapy unless they can be dealt with by me through educational methods.

Counsellor education and training: In keeping with the professional body guidelines I share my professional knowledge and practice for the benefit of my clients.  I promote awareness of counselling and psychotherapy to the public through providing information, education, supervision and training.

I am qualified in supervision and training and teach all the present levels of counselling studies.  Within this specialist role I demonstrate my expertise with integrity. I share my professional knowledge, experience and energy with learners and span these across all the counselling teaching levels where I have responsibility for interpreting and implementing programmes of learning to meet the learning/training requirements of examining/awarding bodies.

I strictly adhere to implementing the ethics and ethical principles of the BACP for trainee counsellors whilst providing specialist training for: Level 4 two year counsellor training diploma courses. Level 3 one year counselling skills courses and a variety of Level II short courses usually aimed at the introduction of initial self awareness and self development to those who may be considering entering into counselling training.

I specialise in supervision, training and delivering workshops on stress and the working environment.