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Coaching incorporating goal setting can enable you to feel confident in your choices and enjoy a more productive simpler, easier and less stressful lifestyle.

Do you want to feel more fulfilled? Do you want to make effective changes in your lifestyle? Do you want to maximise your chances of success? Do you want to connect in meaningful relationships?

If you do, then perhaps you are ready to gravitate toward coaching  to enhance both your personal and professional abilities.  Within our professional relationship we’ll explore options to discover what you really want in your life and identify what you really want out of your life.

Deciding what’s important in your career and relationships is the first step toward creating that necessary chain reaction that will ultimately lead to you designing your life and future around what’s most important to you.  You can change your frequency, rather than continuing on a route leading to nowhere soon. 

When you realise that you can take control of events in your own present and future you will also realise that you are free to discover whether what you are seeking will work to your best advantage.  Personal empowerment frees a person to harness optimum states of being and purpose.

You will learn about and realise your own inner wisdom and how to tap into this to not only get to the root of your problems but also find solutions.  Committing to coaching is committing to yourself.  Under my specialist direction and expertise, you will recognise where you are now, realise you can make changes, discover where you want to be in the future and choose what steps to take to get you there.

Take responsibility for yourself and enhance the lives of those around you by reorienting and creating a more balanced and structured way of being, now and in the future.

Contact Elizabeth Welch, Accredited and Registered member of the BACP for more information

Life coaching in Stockport , Manchester