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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – CBT

People are not disturbed by things but by the views they take of them.” (Epictetus c.93AD).

CBT wasn’t around in the days of Epictetus, but he was spot on with his philosophy that what people think affects how they feel emotionally and physically and also alters what they do in life – this philosophical thinking ultimately became the fundamental principle of the most recognised and successful therapeutic approach – CBT.

My view is that thinking affects behaviour and CBT therapy enables integration of thought with behaviour.  I believe that a person can change and develop by thinking things through, focussing and trying out new ideas and strategies with the help of a qualified therapist. Changes in behaviour can occur through changes in thinking processes.  If you feel that you have difficulty coping with everyday life, CBT may well help you.  By allowing yourself the opportunity of thinking differently, perhaps less negatively, you have the potential to alter your behaviour radically.

We can discuss and address your past life events if we think doing so could help you to understand and change how you think and act now. As your therapist I will adopt a collaborative stance with you, encouraging and facilitating your exploration of how some of the strategies you’re using to cope with your emotional problems are actually maintaining those problems and focus on changing how you feel, by putting into practice what you have learned.
The CBT model is fully compatible with the use of medication and scientific studies examining depression have tended to confirm that CBT used together with antidepressant medication is more effective than either treatment alone.

CBT has shown to be an effective intervention for conditions such as:

Change your life and improve your well being by changing how you think with CBT, contact Elizabeth Welch to arrange an appointment. 

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